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About Techno Drill:

Since the early 1980's Techno Drill has designed and built some of the worlds most influential drilling units. Techno Drill is dedicted to providing fast and long lasting drilling solutions to the worlds drilling Industries.

Techno Drill contunues to provide innovative rig designs for this ever changing industry. These rigs have a heritage going back more than half a century with the first drill units being built at Armfield Engineering in England. Armfields started building hydraulic rigs for the construction industry in 1981. Production was moved to the United States in 2003 where the drilling unit designs continued to be improved and developed for new industries, incuding geothermal and solar foundation work.

The development of the rigs and drilling components continues to be the focus of the company as the drilling industry grows and provides new opportunities.

Techno Drill's First Geothermal Drilling Unit.
Geothermal Drilling Rig TD410

Our Mission,

To provide equipment that is continually developed and updated to exceed the expectations of our customers and the fast growing geothermal drilling market. Providing customers with tough, durable user friendly equipment with the training, customer service and appreciation our customers deserve.

Our Products

Techno Drill provides the customer with four advantages:
Higher Power Specs as Standard.
More power means less trouble on those difficult residential and commercial sites.
Inexpensive Maintenance Parts.
Lower maintenance costs with standard off the shelf parts available locally.
Fast delivery times.
Customized drilling packages available when you need them.
Unlimited Product & Technical Support.
Customer service and advice on the latest drilling products and methods.