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  • Width - 29.4" / 747mm
  • Doubt Set Height - 15" / 382mm
  • Single Set Height - 5.2" / 131mm
  • Maximum Opening - 8.8" / 224mm
  • Minimum Opening - 2.75" / 70mm
  • Operating Pressure - 3,000 psi / 200 bar
  • Operating Flow - 33 gpm / 120 lpm

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Breakout Clamps

Casing Breakout Clamps

Double Breakout Clamps:
The breakout clamps are available as a single set or full breakout clamps as shown above. Other sizes are available upon reques upto 20" (520mm) maximum.
For more information please call 704-290-2232.


Threaded Casing Compatible.
Tough breakout capability for threaded casings up to 8.8".
No Casing/Rod Slips Required.
Adjustable clamps eliminate the need for slips for different size casings or rods.
Modular Construction.
The modular construction of these clamps makes them perfect for retrofitting.
Inexpensive Maintenance Parts.
Lower maintenance costs with standard off the shelf parts available locally.

Breakout Clamps Overview:

The Breakout Clamps can be supplied as single or double units. The double unit has a second set of clamps mounted on the top of the first and can be swiveled in either direction to break loose threaded tool joints. The advantage of this type of system is that it can grip many different sizes without the need of slips. The clamps have a range from 56mm (2.2") to 188mm (7.4"). Larger size clamps are available upon request. It is recommended that a minimum wall thickness for casing of 10mm (⅜") be used .
Please check that on the shorter drill masts with 1.4m (4' 7") of stroke that the double clamps will allow full use of the drill string. If the double clamps restrict too much of the usable height use a longer stroke mast or a single clamp unit.
The single clamps have the option of a breakout cylinder to power a pipe wrench to break loose threaded tool joints. Available on both our geothermal rigs and water well drilling rigs.