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  • Max ID - 9" / 229mm
  • Min ID - 1" / 25mm
  • Fully opening front gate
  • Rod wiper system
  • Suitable for use with augers
  • 360˚ clamping secures even thin wall tube
  • Casing Slips are optional
  • Breakout Cylinder is optional

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Clam Clamps

Drill Rod Clamping System

Techno Drills Clam Clamping System.
The Clam shaped Clamps allow the operator to grip up to 9" OD casings or PVC with interchangable casing slips made to fit. The optional breakout cylinder, shown above, provides easy breakout of tough drill rods with the wrenches provided.

These clamps are perfect for retrofitting onto older machines. Clam clamps come as standard on all Techno Drill machines .


Optional Breakout Cylinder.
Optional breakout cylinder shown left, breaks out tough rods.
Interchangable Casing Slips.
Easily grip casings or PVC up to 9" OD with insertable and interchangable slips.
Custom Interchangeable Wrenches.
Breakout wrenches built to fit your rods, perfect for retrofitting older machines.
Inexpensive Maintenance Parts.
Lower maintenance costs with standard off the shelf parts available locally.

Breakout Clamps Overview:

The Clam Clamp is a unique design that doubles as a drill guide and a clamp. The front gate of the clamp swings open to give full access to the bore hole for rod loading. This gate when closed can be tightened by a hydraulic cylinder to give grip around the full circumference of the drill rod or casing. This has the advantage of being able to grip thin wall steel casing, even plastic and cardboard tubes can be held in place with this type of clamp whist auguring through the center. To grip different diameters of rod and casing a corresponding set of size reduction slips is used.
The clamp has a maximum internal diameter of 228mm (9") and is supplied with a set of slips that can be size modified to the customers needs.
An optional breakout cylinder is available to power a pipe wrench to break loose threaded tool joints.