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JT Series Drill Heads

JT Series Drill Head JT200

JT200 Series Drill Heads.
The JT200 Series drill heads provide torque ranges from 2,020 ft.lbs - 9,585 ft/lbs. The 5 boxes in this series are 2 speed heads with easily upgradeable drive motors if more torque is required.

The JT202 at 5,925 ft.lbs of torque is supplied as standard on the Techno Drill rigs. With a 2 3/8" center bore for flushing the JT200's are compatible with mud, water hammer or air hammer drilling systems.

JT Head Advantages

5 Head Options - 200,201,202,203,204.
Each head provides greater torque specifications. Call for more info.
2 3/8" Center Bore for Flushing.
Compatible with mud, water hammer or hammer drilling systems.
Upgradable Drive Motors.
Upgrading the drive motors gives you more RPM or Torque as required.
Inexpensive Maintenance Parts.
Lower maintenance costs with standard off the shelf parts available locally.

JT200 Series Drill Heads Overview:

The JT 200 range of rotation heads are tough and give great performance. Five different models are available all with 2 speeds. They have a solid main shaft with a 60mm (2 3/8") bore to an 8 bolt flange. The are designed to handle down the hole hammers up to 12", augers, mud or air rotary even jet grouting and wire line drilling. They are very compact to work in low head room and close to walls.