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TD410 Drilling Rig

TD410 Geothermal Drilling Rig

TD410 Geothermal Drilling Rig.
The TD410 can be customized to suit your drilling requirements with optional extras and custom equipment if required. To find out more about these options please call 1-704-290-2232.

TD410 Advantages

Higher Power Specs as Standard.
More power means less trouble on those difficult residential and commercial sites.
Easy to Operate.
Designed with ergonomic controls to make difficult drilling more user freindly.
Extra Stabiity.
Low center of gravity makes the TD410 safe to use on dificult sites.
Inexpensive Maintenance Parts.
Lower maintenance costs with standard off the shelf parts available locally.

TD410 Overview

The TD 410 is a purpose built mobile rig for fast clean installation of closed loop ground source heat pump systems. It has the ability to drill to over 200m (650 feet) deep with bores up to 228mm (9").

Its CAT C4.4 turbo diesel delivers over 70kW (90hp) making this a powerful compact and very manoeuvrable rig. The low ground pressure of 0.4kg/cm2 (6 psi) combined with the rubber encased tracks makes it is possible to track over finished surfaces without causing damage.

Available with three different mast heights and other options including a removable utility tray mounted to the rear of the rig for ancillary drilling equipment such as pumps and lubricators. The TD 410 is "First in Geothermal".TM